Month: March 2019

GDPR-compliant services for businesses

Using GDPR-compliant services in your organization saves time and limits your exposure to data breaches and regulatory penalties.

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GDPR compliance checklist for US companies

The EU General Data Protection Regulation also requires companies outside the European Union to safeguard personal data. This GDPR compliance checklist covers tips specifically for US companies.

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What are the data protection officer roles and responsibilities?

As we approach the anniversary of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we are finally starting to get a picture of data protection officers’ responsibilities and what the job looks like in practice.

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Five takeaways for small businesses in Ireland’s GDPR report

Ireland is investigating big tech companies like Facebook and Apple for GDPR violations. A new Ireland GDPR report offers lessons for small businesses too.

What does GDPR stand for? (And other simple questions answered)

The EU GDPR has already had a profound effect on the way tech companies handle user data. But many still have basic questions about the bill. This article answers them.